man on boat during fishing holiday in scotland

Fishing Holidays In Scotland

We offer guided fly fishing holidays in Scotland for those who have fly fished for as long as they can remember, and for those that are complete beginners. Anglers Jaunt can make your guided fly fishing holiday in Scotland an unforgettable experience and for the right reasons.  We know that every angler has different needs and expectations, therefore we tailor your fly fishing trip to suit what’s best for you. You may want a guided fly fishing trip to experience the wild aspect of fishing in Scotland over multiple days, or simply just a perfect day of fun fishing with the family accompanied by a fly fishing guide. Whatever it is, we have it covered.

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Trout Fishing Trip

brown trout caught on guided fly fishing trip

The vast amount of wild lochs, big rivers, small streams and still-waters, make Scotland home to some of the best trout fishing in the world. There is nothing better than watching a fish sip your dry fly or see your line tighten as the fish takes. Click below to find out more about our guided trout fishing trips.

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Grayling Fishing Trip

 a grayling caught on a guided fly fishing trip

Grayling is a target species that continues to grow in popularity. A species mostly sought after during the closed trout and salmon season. This is a perfect choice for those that still want to experience fishing on stunning rivers whilst visiting in the Winter months. Click below to find out more about our guided grayling fishing trips.

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Salmon Fishing Trip

Fly Caught Atlantic Salmon from salmon fishing trip

Scotland is famous for Atlantic salmon. There are plenty of rivers that can produce the elusive King of fish but the Tay, Tweed and Spey are three of the most famous rivers when it comes to Salmon fishing in Scotland. To experience and to find out more about our guided salmon fishing trips, click below.

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Family Fishing Trip

family together on family fishing trip

A fly fishing trip with the family is a great way of spending time together. It not only brings memories and bonds, it of course gives bragging rights for individual that made the best cast or caught the biggest fish. To spend some quality time together, click below to find out more about our family fishing trips.

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We are frequently asked “where are the best fishing locations in Scotland?”. To answer the question by “sitting on the fence”. It entirely depends on what you are looking for within your fly fishing holiday in Scotland. For instance are you looking for somewhere remote or are you looking to stay in towns and cities? The two experiences are totally different. However our tailor-made fishing trips allow us to provide you with the experience you are looking for.

We operate across Scotland. So whether it be Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling, Perth, Argyll for example. We can arrange fishing trips to suit you.

Upon contacting us, we will provide you with a generic questionnaire. This will allow us to get a general idea of what you are looking for within your guided fishing holiday in Scotland and allow us to provide you with a quote and sample itinerary that can be tailored to suit.

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We know it isn’t always easy to travel with fishing tackle. This is why we provide all the necessary equipment and essentials for your guided fly fishing holiday in Scotland. This includes quality rods, reels, lines, flies, waterproofs, lifejackets, hats, polarized glasses, waders and boots. We also provide all the other bits and pieces that are associated with fly fishing.

If you would like to use your own fishing equipment, please ensure it’s cleaned prior to your fishing trip to prevent the spread of the parasite Gyrodactylus Salaris.

Here are a few recommendations if you choose to bring your own fishing tackle.

Trout & Grayling Rods
Fishing rod beside scottish river

A 9ft 4wt or 9ft 5wt will cover most traditional applications when river fishing in Scotland for trout and grayling. These are the go to rods when fishing upstream dry fly and downstream wet fly. A 10ft 3wt is recommended, when fishing more modern nymphing techniques on the river. When fishing on Scottish lochs and still waters for brown and rainbow trout, a 9ft 5wt through to a 10ft 7ft are usually the preferred choice.

Salmon Rods
salmon fly rod on bank of scottish salmon river

A 14ft 8/9wt double handed rod is an ideal setup for most of the bigger salmon rivers in Scotland, however whatever your used to, is all what matters. A 13ft or 15ft rod is more than suitable. When salmon fishing on the smaller spate rivers of Scotland, a single handed or switch rod can be an ideal choice.

Other Essentials
wading in the river fly casting

With the weather in Scotland being somewhat unpredictable at times, it is certainly worth bringing waterproof clothing and extra layers even if the forecast is good. Flies and tippet/leaders do vary depending on species sought after and time of year, however we are happy to provide further details along with answering any other questions you may have prior to your fishing trip.


If driving whilst on holiday is not for you, we can provide airport transfers for your fly fishing trip, along with transport to and from accommodations and fishing venues. Edinburgh airport and Glasgow airport are the recommended airports with frequent flights globally. We have carefully selected 3*, 4* and 5* hotel accommodations that are located within easy reach of nearby towns allowing you to venture out for evening meals and drinks. Those wishing for a more wilder aspect of Scotland, we have carefully selected self-catering cottages/cabins/chalets. April through to September tend to be the best months for wild trout fishing in Scotland and salmon fishing being best April through to October. The Winter months is prime time for grayling fishing and the stocked rainbow trout still-waters fish all year round.

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